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Fragranced, anti-bacterial hand wash that will leave your hands soft and sanitised.

£1.67 + VAT
DREUMEX™ PLUS – Hand Cleansing Gel – 15ltr

Solvent-free citrus hand cleansing gel.

£94.01 + VAT
DREUMEX™ SPECIAL – Hand Cleansing Paste – 5ltr

Solvent-free hand cleansing paste.

£21.15 + VAT
GRAFTA™ – Premium Beaded Hand Cleaner – 15Ltr

GRAFTA™ is a hand cleansing beaded gel for medium soiling such as oil, fats, grease, bitumen and rubber.


It is especially suitable for use in garages, workshops and the metalworking industry.

£40.70 + VAT
GRAFTA™ Hand Gel Dispenser

Dispenser for Grafta™ Beaded Hand Gel. 


For use with 15Ltr bucket.

£26.45 + VAT
Hand Soap – White – 5Ltr

Hand soap that thoroughly cleans and nourishes the skin.


Suitable for use in hand soap dispensers.

£13.20 + VAT
Hand Soap Bars Imperial Leather (12 Pack)

These bars of soap have been trusted by generations, with it’s creamy formula that leaves the skin feeling clean and silky.


Pack of 12 x 100 g bars

£6.57 + VAT
Hand Soap Dispenser (1.5ltr)

Gojo Hand Soap Dispenser – Ideal for commercial washrooms and toilet facilities.


The compact design of this dispenser optimizes wall space.

£20.88 + VAT
SWARFEGA – Natural Orange Hand Cleaner with Pump Dispenser (4Ltr)

Fast-acting, solvent-free, heavy duty hand cleaner with micro-polymer granules for effective, deep cleaning and removal of dirt, grease and oil.

£21.15 + VAT