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Absorbent Granules – 20L

Industrial general purpose clay-based granules, which can be used for absorbing most fluids including water, oil and fuels.

£10.55 + VAT
Chewing Gum Remover (Aerosol)

Easy to use aerosol chewing gum remover.


Quickly remove discarded chewing gum from most surfaces including carpets, upholstery and soft furnishings

£6.86 + VAT

SAANRO Concrete Cleaner removes cement and plaster residue from a variety of surfaces.

£14.71£55.12 + VAT
FLOOR IT™ – Floor Cleaner

A quick-acting multi purpose hard surface cleaner.


Removes dirt and ingrained soiling from all washable surfaces.

£12.19£274.31 + VAT
Foaming Saanitiza (Bactericide)

Foaming Saanitiza is a high-performance bactericide with added foam which cleans and disinfects all hard surfaces.


The added foaming improves performance by allowing bactericides to penetrate any cracks or grooves which enables time for the Saanitiza to destroy any bacteria.

£16.96£67.84 + VAT
Instazorb absorbent powder – 50L

Instazorb is a high-performance absorbent powder, effective in the absorption of most fluids.


It has 20 times the absorbency of most clay-based absorbents on the market.

£31.80 + VAT

Multi- purpose floor cleaner designed for the removal of dirt, oil, grease, fats & indoor polishes from floors.


Also effective on industrial equipment, walls, car interiors etc.


£9.07£316.94 + VAT
Lemon Cleanser – 5Ltr

Multi- purpose cleaner designed for the removal of dirt, oil, grease, fats & indoor polishes.


Ideal for use within kitchens, offices, hospitals, public conveniences, etc.

£14.05 + VAT
Pine Disinfectant – 5Ltr

A pine fragranced antibacterial disinfectant ideal for a wide range of indoor and outdoor surfaces.

£5.25 + VAT
Pine Floor Gel – 5Ltr

An extremely effective, pine-fragranced multi-purpose floor cleaner.


Apply with a damp mop to remove stubborn dirt, scuff marks and grease.

£8.32 + VAT
S101 (Cleaner and Degreaser, Concentrate)

Designed for the removal of dirt, oil, grease, fats & floor polishes from industrial equipment, floors, walls, car interiors etc. in kitchens, offices, hospitals, public conveniences etc.

£12.99£311.67 + VAT
Saanitiza (Bactericide)

Saanitiza is a high-performance bactericide which cleans and disinfects all washable hard surfaces.


Designed to be used through a pressure washer or through a hand-held spray receptacle.

£12.82£1,060.00 + VAT
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