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Absorbent Granules – 20L

Industrial general purpose clay-based granules, which can be used for absorbing most fluids including water, oil and fuels.

£10.55 + VAT
Bucket – Standard Heavy Duty 15L (Black)

Includes a strong handle with a black rubber handhold to make carrying easier and more comfortable. 


15 L capacity

£3.13 + VAT
C-Fold Hand Towels – Blue (Box of 2355)

Great quality paper towels, Ideal for all businesses and consumers.


Compatible with all standard paper towel dispensers.

£33.66 + VAT
Centre-Feed Roll Dispenser

Centre Feed Roll Dispenser featuring a unique tear off mechanism.

£27.96 + VAT
Chewing Gum Remover (Aerosol)

Easy to use aerosol chewing gum remover.


Quickly remove discarded chewing gum from most surfaces including carpets, upholstery and soft furnishings

£6.86 + VAT

SAANRO Concrete Cleaner removes cement and plaster residue from a variety of surfaces.

£14.71£55.12 + VAT
Container (Reconditioned) 25L

25 Litre plastic reconditioned UN container

£5.29 + VAT
Dishcloth – Jumbo

Soft and absorbent, perfect for all kinds of surfaces, including both wet and dry.


Essential cleaning product – ideal for janitorial or domestic cleaning


Sold Individually.

£1.05 + VAT
Dusters – Yellow

Dusting has never been so easy! Makes cleaning hard to reach areas easy.


A staple cleaning item in any janitorial cupboard


Sold Individually

£1.37 + VAT
Dustpan and Brush

Soft and stiff bristle dustpan and brush allows easy sweeping.


The brush fits perfectly into the dustpan, which allows convenient storage.

£4.05 + VAT
Esfina Centre-Feed Rolls (6-Pack)

Perfect for absorbing spillages, cleaning appliances and surfaces and drying hands. 


Use in a dispenser, creating a cost effective and efficient paper roll dispensing unit, or on their own for quick and easy, portable cleaning.


Select colour and embossed/regular in drop-down box.

£22.71£24.37 + VAT
Flexi-Blade – Hydra

A top quality, soft and flexible silicone blade with T-shaped edge to rapidly whisk away surplus water without scratching.


The flexi-blade moulds to almost any contour to dry vehicle surfaces in half the time.

£13.25 + VAT