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EXEL REVOLUTION Traditional Clip-On Mop Head – 250g

Exel Revolution mops have been designed to enable thorough and efficient cleaning with a durability you can rely on for a busy workplace

£5.29 + VAT
Kentucky Mop Head – 12oz

The 12oz Kentucky Mop Head is designed to absorb large amounts of water, making it quick to clean large areas.

£4.61 + VAT
Kentucky Mop Head Natural Cotton Yarn – Colour Coded – 16oz

This mop head is made from the highest quality cotton yarn to ensure maximum absorption and long life.

£7.41 + VAT
Kentucky Mop Head Natural Cotton Yarn Multi-Fold – 16oz

This mop head is made from the highest quality cotton yarn to ensure maximum absorption and long life.

£6.03 + VAT
Kentucky Mop Stale (Handle & Mop Holder)

Fits all Kentucky mop heads.


This lightweight yet strong mop stale will provide years of service without rusting.

£11.61 + VAT
Mop Head, Traditional Clip-on with Socket & Clip

Traditional clip-on mop head which easily attaches to most mop handles using the socket and clip provided.


Mop heads are available in 14 or 16 oz

£4.67£5.29 + VAT
Numatic SM 40 – Spray Mop + Micro-Fibre Head – 627534

Numatic SM 40 – Spray Mop with Micro-Fibre Head.


Numatic Product Code: 627534


Product Features:


• Used extensively for spot cleaning and maintenance
• Ideal for use in hotels, restaurants, shops and offices etc.
• Uses Microfibre floor mops that can be used wet or dry, with or without chemicals
• Onboard liquid dispenser allowing the mop head to be maintained in a damp condition at all times allowing larger surfaces to be cleaned without the use of a bucket.
• Hand or foot spray operation
• Large 40cm cleaning width

£47.69 + VAT
Numatic SMM 40 Spray Mop, Master Mop Kit Complete – 627556

There are an increasing number of applications for spot or maintenance mopping, dedicated to keeping a visually good appearance to floor surfaces in high
profile environments.


Spraymop and Spraymop Master are not full large area mopping systems. They are floor maintenance accessories, where localised or spot cleaning is essential in maintaining high standards.


Now with SpinTec colour coded rotating system – professional cleaning in comfort.


Numatic Product Code: 627556

£63.26 + VAT
Standard EXEL Traditional Clip-On Mop Head – 200g

Exel mop head made for general mop use, without compromising on quality.

£4.23 + VAT

Double sided, A-frame ‘Wet Floor’ warning sign.


Used to warn people about wet floors to prevent them slipping and any injuries that may potentially occur.

£15.32 + VAT
Wooden Broom/Mop Handle – 4ft/5ft

Basic Wooden Broom/Mop Handle, available in lengths of 4 or 5 feet.

£4.23£4.76 + VAT