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Flexi-Blade – Hydra

A top quality, soft and flexible silicone blade with T-shaped edge to rapidly whisk away surplus water without scratching.


The flexi-blade moulds to almost any contour to dry vehicle surfaces in half the time.

£13.25 + VAT
Flexi-Blade – Power Blade

The Power Blade is an easy to use, versatile, silicone blade which removes water quickly, cleanly and efficiently.


It moulds itself to almost any contour and dries the surface in one pass.

£10.60 + VAT
Scraper – Inc. 5 free blades

Metal scraper, perfect for removing labels, adhesives, decals, excess dried paint, etc.


Features a 3-position carrier for safe scraping and a box of 5 complimentary blades.

£5.25 + VAT

.012″ Aluminium-backed single-edged safety blades which fit into standard window scrapers


Perfect for removing labels, adhesives, decals, dried paint, etc


Pack of 100.

£10.59 + VAT
Vikan – Floor Squeegy Black Polypropylene 600mm Double Blade (708869)

Floor squeegee made of black polypropylene with black cellular rubber blade which removes water and oil effectively.


Can be used with any handle within the Vikan Transport System.


Vikan Product Code: 708869

£12.16 + VAT
Vikan – Squeegee 700mm (White) (70865)

This squeegee has been designed for areas where both high levels of hygiene and effective removal of water are required.


Ideal for use on all types of surfaces including tiled and safety flooring.


Vikan Product Code: 70865

£18.95 + VAT
Vikan – Wipe ‘n’ Shine (707752/707852/707952)

Effectively removes water residue and limescale deposits from washed and painted surfaces.


Available in various head sizes: 250 mm, 350 mm or 450 mm.


Vikan Product Code: 707752/707852/707952

£7.31£17.70 + VAT