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Stainless steel twin rollover lance.


Consists of a 600 mm ST-72 foam lance combined with a 600 mm rinse lance.

£157.94 + VAT

This is a foaming lance for use within vehicle high pressure wash systems.

£105.99 + VAT

High pressure nozzle 1505 (jet) for use in high pressure vehicle wash systems.


Made from stainless steel, this nozzle will not rust and is manufactured to maintain high performance.

£10.34 + VAT

Heavy Duty Rubber Nozzle Protector to attach to the end of the lance/nozzle in a high pressure vehicle wash system


Protects the lance, nozzle and also the vehicle during use

£2.60 + VAT

Commercial application trigger gun for use with high pressure vehicle wash systems.


Full spares support is available with our comprehensive selection of adapters which allows this trigger to be connected to any standard pressure wash system

£42.03 + VAT

The Astra is a top selling commercial application trigger gun. The robotic assembly ensures flawless reliability and quality control.


This Astra Premium Brand Trigger Gun is made to use with extremely hot water.

£40.97 + VAT