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Bonnet Buffer

Professional Car Bonnet Duster/Mop. Multi-functional dust remover made of 100% cotton.


Effective for polishing and buffing up exterior bodywork.


The buffer has many other general uses including the cleaning of office/shop items such as computer screens, printers & telephones.

£8.47 + VAT
Buffing Machine – MS850PS

This Buffing Machine is ideal for car/vehicle valeters needing buffing and compounding equipment.


Comes with a 170mm backing pad, polishing bonnet and side handle

£158.95 + VAT
Buffing Machine – MS900PS

Features six speed power control producing speeds suitable for sanding and polishing.

£121.85 + VAT
Buffing Pad – M14 or Velcro

These polishing and compounding mopheads are perfect for removing bodywork imperfections and reviving the appearance of paintwork.


Select Colour (Firmness) and Product Type (Velcro or M14) from drop-down box.


Sold Individually

£8.48£11.13 + VAT

Advanced 6″ compounding foam applicator with dual layer foam for a faster cut.

£20.18 + VAT
Farecla G Mop Backing Plate 6″

Farecla 6″ Advanced Backing Plate for use with 6″ applicators.

£13.75 + VAT
Farecla G Mop Polishing Foam Velcro – Black (Twin Pack)

6″ Advanced compounding applicator with hook & loop attachment system. Designed for final bodywork polishing with Farecla G10.

£27.49 + VAT
Flexipad Black – Velcro, Soft Polishing Foam

Soft polishing foam which works very well on dark colours.


The soft material is ideal when compounding and is suitable for all modern paints.

£8.48 + VAT
Flexipad Blue – Velcro, Medium Compounding Foam

An all purpose compounding foam with a premium medium grade foam density

£8.48 + VAT