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AQUA SHIFTA™ – Super Absorbant Synthetic, Perforated Leather

Professional synthetic perforated chamois. Glides across paintwork with no ‘chamois drag’.

£6.31 + VAT

AUTO-GEL™ is a neutral car shampoo detergent formulated to dissolve oil & tar deposits.


Ideal for use as a general vehicle shampoo in hand car washes

£3.13£43.71 + VAT

This is a general-purpose vehicle shampoo formulated specifically for use in automated roll-over or brush-wash systems.

£8.75£890.15 + VAT
Car Wash Bay Cleaner

This is a concentrated cleaning product formulated to quickly remove stubborn stains and grime.


Effective against:


Wax Deposits

Calcium Scale


General Grime

£42.06 + VAT

Our best-selling, highly concentrated wash ‘n’ wax.


Formulated to clean the surface of any vehicle whilst imparting a clean, deep shine to the vehicle’s paintwork.

£1.73£261.27 + VAT

This product is an excellent drying agent and will assist in giving a deep, gloss shine to vehicle paintwork.

£3.71£31.76 + VAT

CRYSTAL CLEAR™ is our trade-standard Screen-Wash concentrate with the additional benefit of a powerful De-Icer additive.

£12.66£284.74 + VAT

CRYSTAL™ is a screenwash additive which is a super-concentrated formula powerful enough for the toughest bugs, dirt & road grime.

£11.08£228.65 + VAT

DUO™ is a neutral premium car washing detergent formulated to dissolve oil & tar deposits.


Contains an added wax which will assist in giving a deep, gloss shine to vehicle paintwork.

£1.92£271.58 + VAT

Fallout Remover is an intensive cleaner designed to dissolve brake dust and iron-rich contaminants upon contact.

£17.97£71.87 + VAT
Flexi-Blade – Hydra

A top quality, soft and flexible silicone blade with T-shaped edge to rapidly whisk away surplus water without scratching.


The flexi-blade moulds to almost any contour to dry vehicle surfaces in half the time.

£13.25 + VAT
Flexi-Blade – Power Blade

The Power Blade is an easy to use, versatile, silicone blade which removes water quickly, cleanly and efficiently.


It moulds itself to almost any contour and dries the surface in one pass.

£10.60 + VAT