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AUTO-FRESH (Interior Air Freshener)

Concentrated interior air fresheners for carpets and fabric upholstery. Leaves fresh, long lasting fragrance designed to combat unpleasant odours.


Available in Various Fragrances; Sweet Pea, New Car, Bubble Gum, Water Melon, Cool Wave, Leather, Paradise, Strawberry & Wild Cherry.

£9.01£96.24 + VAT
BLACK KNIGHT™ (Satin Black Topcoat Aerosol)

BLACK KNIGHT™ satin black paint is a ready to use topcoat aerosol.


It is used for finishing primed surfaces in order to achieve a high quality, durable finish.


Black Knight™ is used for a variety of applications including steel wheels, exhaust tips and sills etc.

£4.71 + VAT
BLACK MAGIC™ (Rubber & Plastic Dressing)

An extremely high-quality, superior, solvent free treatment which protects and enhances all vinyl & plastic surfaces


Ideal for dashboards and interior plastic surfaces of new/nearly new cars.

£3.78£2,136.96 + VAT
BURST™ Jet Air Freshener (Summer Fresh)


£7.90 + VAT
Chewing Gum Remover (Aerosol)

Easy to use aerosol chewing gum remover.


Quickly remove discarded chewing gum from most surfaces including carpets, upholstery and soft furnishings

£6.86 + VAT

DAPPER DASH™ is our best selling cockpit & trim sheen.


Especially useful for sheening difficult to reach areas such as switches and air vents etc.

£4.02 + VAT
Duxback Windscreen Treatment

Duxback is a revolutionary hydrophobic windscreen treatment that keeps glass as it should be – transparent.


Rain, sleet and snow simply beads, sheds and rolls off.

£20.83 + VAT
EMERALD™ (Glass Polish)

For the professional cleaning and polishing of vehicle windscreens etc. and wiper blades.


Silicone Free.

£3.83£30.16 + VAT
Engine Lacquer

A transparent, highly protective, waterproof silicone-free lacquer for the protection and renovation of metal and plastic surfaces.

£29.42 + VAT
Fabric Protector (Aerosol)

A quick spray protects against spills and stains – watch as liquids are simply wiped away, leaving a perfectly pristine finish.

£5.57 + VAT
FGS 75 (Solvent-Free Rubber & Plastic Dressing)


A superior, solvent free treatment which protects and enhances all vinyl and rubber surfaces.

£27.33£109.31 + VAT

Eco-friendly white paper floor mats for protecting the floor of vehicles


Ideal for use during a service, MOT or valet.


Pack of 250

£15.37 + VAT