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CRYSTAL CLEAR™ is our trade-standard Screen-Wash concentrate with the additional benefit of a powerful De-Icer additive.

£12.66£284.74 + VAT

CRYSTAL™ is a screenwash additive which is a super-concentrated formula powerful enough for the toughest bugs, dirt & road grime.

£11.08£228.65 + VAT
De-Icer (Aerosol) 600 ml

In climates that experience below zero temperatures an effective and reliable de-icer is essential for safe driving.


Use De-Icer to rapidly dissolve frost and ice from windows and locks.


Resists refreezing

Safe in contact with paint, plastics, rubber and metal



£2.86 + VAT
Duxback Windscreen Treatment

Duxback is a revolutionary hydrophobic windscreen treatment that keeps glass as it should be – transparent.


Rain, sleet and snow simply beads, sheds and rolls off.

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