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For the safe and effective removal of brake dust/fluid oil & grease from brake discs/callipers and clutch components. 


Brake & Clutch Cleaner is designed to evaporate completely after use. 


This product is available in aerosol and a range of liquid container sizes.

£3.05£63.54 + VAT

Copper anti-seize may be used to prevent seizing, corrosion and galling where high temperature conditions exist.


Contains a high percentage of micro-fine copper flakes in a semi-synthetic grease carrier and is fortified with high quality rust and corrosion inhibitors.

£6.47 + VAT

CRYSTAL CLEAR™ is our trade-standard Screen-Wash concentrate with the additional benefit of a powerful De-Icer additive.

£12.66£284.74 + VAT

CRYSTAL™ is a screenwash additive which is a super-concentrated formula powerful enough for the toughest bugs, dirt & road grime.

£11.08£228.65 + VAT

In climates that experience below zero temperatures an effective and reliable de-icer is essential for safe driving.


Use De-Icer to rapidly dissolve frost and ice from windows and locks.


Resists refreezing

Safe in contact with paint, plastics, rubber and metal



£2.86 + VAT

Duxback is a revolutionary hydrophobic windscreen treatment that keeps glass as it should be – transparent.


Rain, sleet and snow simply beads, sheds and rolls off.

£20.83 + VAT

Penetrating oil used for loosening rusted parts and dispersing moisture from ignition parts etc.

Can be used as a light lubricant.


Available in aerosol or liquid form.

£3.77£126.99 + VAT

This unique product has been formulated to clean and polish brass/copper/silver/chrome/tin and similar metals to a professional standard.

£7.37 + VAT

Highly effective solvent-based de-greasing fluid. Formulated to remove oil-based deposits from engines, machinery & industrial plant

£5.29£485.93 + VAT

RAPIDE™ is a highly effective Tar & Glue Remover, formulated with a special blend of solvents.

£3.35£581.31 + VAT

Designed for the removal of dirt, oil, grease, fats & floor polishes from industrial equipment, floors, walls, car interiors etc. in kitchens, offices, hospitals, public conveniences etc.

£12.99£311.67 + VAT

SX101 is a uniquely formulated multi-purpose cleaner for use on a multitude of surfaces.


Versatile – Use to clean carpets, seats, vehicle headlinings, dashboards, door trims, wheels, workshop floors, etc.

Fragranced – Fresh scent of spring flowers

Concentrated all-purpose cleaner

£2.09£1,393.67 + VAT
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