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Bi-Colour Gauntlet Gloves – Rubber / Chloroprene – Large

Heavy duty gloves with excellent grip and resistance to chemicals. Cotton flocklined and ergonomically shaped for increased comfort

£4.76 + VAT
Black Rubber Gloves, Gauntlet, Heavy Duty

Black long rubber heavy duty gloves ideal for cleaning with toxic chemicals, washing where more protection is needed and handling dangerous materials.


Available in medium, large and extra large

£4.23 + VAT
EBONY Nitrile Gloves (Ultra Heavy-Duty)

EBONY Nitrile Gloves are a high performance, high quality, versatile, black nitrile examination glove.

Great for a range of purposes due to their versatility, durability and sensitivity. Fully textured finish provides enhanced grip.


Available in Medium, Large and Extra-Large. Box of 100 gloves

£13.20 + VAT
Gloves – Household/Washing-Up (Flocklined) Yellow

These gloves provide comfort and dexterity.


High quality and durability with great grip. Ideal for household jobs and janitorial use.

£1.54£1.97 + VAT
Gloves – Red PVC Dipped

Red waterproof PVC-coated work gloves that are ideal for gardening, DIY, agriculture, construction, warehousing and general maintenance.


£1.96 + VAT
Heavy Duty Suede Rigger Gloves

These Large Suede Rigger Gloves will protect your hands from abrasion and are useful when lifting heavy and/or large objects.


Ideal for gardening, agriculture, construction, automotive & general maintenance.

£2.60 + VAT
Maxi Grip Rubber Gloves – Large (Orange/Yellow)

Maxi Grip Rubber Gloves provide the ultimate in comfort and grip.


They are very durable, extremely resistant to wear and tear. 

£4.09 + VAT
Nitrile Gauntlet Gloves  – FT, Green – Large

Green long rubber heavy duty gloves ideal for cleaning with toxic chemicals, washing where more protection is needed when handling dangerous materials.

£3.71 + VAT
Robust – Nitrile Gloves – HD Powder/Free, Blue

Premium Quality Blue Nitrile examination gloves that offer greater tensile strength and protection than both Latex and Vinyl.


Heavy Duty Nitrile examination gloves offer extra comfort and flexibility and longer length cuff for increased protection.

£8.46 + VAT
Transform – Blue Nitrile Gloves Powder Free (x 100)

Chemical handling can be safe with chemical resistant gloves- provide great protection against acid & chemical spills and splashes.


The Nitrile Rubber is a great choice and alternative to latex as it does not cause the skin issues assoiciated with Latex.


£7.18 + VAT
Transform – Blue Nitrile Gloves Powder Free Large – Trade Size (x 200)

Provide great protection against chemical spills and splashes.

£12.64 + VAT
Vibrant – Latex Gloves – Powder Free (x 100)

Vibrant Gloves are micro-textured, Powder-Free, Latex Examination Gloves.


They are made from 100% natural rubber, ambidextrous, creamy beige color and non-sterile.


Box of 100

£7.90 + VAT
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