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Wheel Wizard (Alkali Alloy Wheel Cleaner)

Wheel Wizard is designed for the rapid removal of brake dust, traffic film & mild oxidisation from aluminium alloy wheels.


Recommended for lightly soiled wheels and wheel trims.

£2.16£1,329.34 + VAT
White Grease (Aerosol)

White grease is a scientifically prepared grease formulated to resist heat & water and also protect against corrosion.


White Grease can be used on hinges, gears, bearings, springs, ‘O’ rings, sliding shackles and striker plates to give long lasting lubrication and protection, to keep equipment moving smoothly.

£4.53 + VAT
Workshop Wipes (10kg)

Workshop wipes are a great value bulk-buy with unlimited applications throughout a workshop.


Our workshop wipes always arrive pre-washed and ready to use.

£16.43£46.11 + VAT
Xi6 (6lr) Trigger without gauge

Xi6 (6lr) Trigger without pressure gauge.


Genuine component from Kwazar for use with the Xi6 Compression Sprayer.

£17.76 + VAT
Xi6 (6ltr) Elbow and Adjustable Nozzle for End of Lance

Lance ending elbow and adjustable nozzle for Xi6 pressure sprayer.


Genuine Kwazar Replacement part.

£6.82 + VAT
Xi6 (6ltr) Foot-Valve Seal (Mushroom)

Genuine Viton replacement mushroom foot valve seal for Xi6 Compression Sprayer

£4.55 + VAT
Xi6 (6ltr) Lance Standard inc. Elbow and Nozzle

Standard Lance including Elbow and Nozzle for the Xi6 Compression Sprayer.

£8.96 + VAT
Xi6 (6ltr) Viton Seal Kit and ‘O’ Ring

Official Viton seal kit and ‘O’ ring for the Xi6 pressure sprayer

£9.87 + VAT
Xi6 (6lts) Adjustable Nozzle (White end)

Adjustable nozzle for Xi6 Compression Sprayer


Genuine component from Kwazar for use with the Xi6 Compression Sprayer.

£2.72 + VAT
Xi6 Pump Assembly (6ltr)

Genuine Replacement Pump Assembly from Kwazar for the Xi6 Pressure Sprayer

£21.18 + VAT
XXX – Xtreme Wheel Cleaner

XXX is our strongest formulation to remove brake dust & road grime from aluminium alloy wheels

£2.20£452.84 + VAT