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Numatic 10m x 1mm x 3 Core Cable (Socket + Plug) UK – 236010

If your vacuum cleaner won’t turn on as it is out of power, and you can’t find the mains cable, this could be the solution.


This is a replacement UK mains cable, which will help maintain a reliable power source for your machine.


Cable Dimensions: 10m x 1mm x 3


Numatic Product Code: 236010


£32.01 + VAT
Numatic 2.9m Solution Tube inc. Clips – 601305

Genuine 2.9 m Numatic Solution Tube (including clips) which fits the following Numatic machines: CT370, CT380, CT470, GBE370, GVE370 & NV370, 


Numatic Product Code: 601305

£31.21 + VAT
Numatic 240v 2-Stage D.I. Bypass Acoustic Motor (BL21104) – 205411

Genuine Numatic 240v 2-Stage D.I. Bypass Acoustic Motor


Ensure your vacuum is working correctly, with powerful cleaning performance thanks to this replacement Motor.


Numatic Product Code: 205411

£120.41 + VAT
Numatic 3mm x 19mm INSEAL Type 5420 – 212024

Numatic 3mm x 19mm replacement inseal – type 5420.


Numatic Product Code: 212024

£2.04 + VAT
Numatic Blue Rocker Switch (White Print) – 220843

Numatic Blue Rocker Switch (White Print).


If your vacuum cleaner’s switch is worn, loose, stiff or faulty, it will require replacing.


Numatic Product Code: 220843

£6.87 + VAT
Numatic Brass Fan Jet for CT Series Hand Tool – 216165

Genuine Numatic brass fan jet nozzle, ideal for spraying upholstery with the CT series hand tool.


Numatic Product Code: 216165

£5.02 + VAT
Numatic Cleantec Trigger Valve & Spray Tube – 601968

Numatic Cleantec Trigger Valve & Spray Tube.


Part of the Cleancare Accessories 32 mm range


Numatic Product Code: 601968

£27.75 + VAT
Numatic Compression Spring S302 – 219418

Genuine Numatic Vacuum Cleaner Compression Spring


Numatic Product Code: 219418

£2.64 + VAT
Numatic Hooked Knob – 206242

Genuine Numatic replacement hooked knob


Numatic Product Code: 206242

£2.72 + VAT
Numatic M8 Form A Washer – 219010

Numatic M8 Form A Washer


Numatic Product Code: 219010

£1.10 + VAT
Numatic M8 Nylon Insert Nut – 219078

Numatic M8 Nylon Insert Nut


Numatic Product Code: 219078

£1.10 + VAT
Numatic Motor Brush – 230155

Genuine Numatic replacement carbon motor brush. 


This product is sold individually, but in most cases two brushes will be required.


Numatic Product Code: 230155

£7.62 + VAT
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