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Clay Bars (Variety)

The ultimate in surface preparation, use our Trade-standard Clay Bars to leave a flawless finish.


Please select between coarse and fine from the drop-down box.

£12.67£21.15 + VAT
Clay Cloth (Micro-Fibre) – Medium Grade, 30x30cm

This clay cloth allows you to easily remove all contaminants from the exterior of your vehicle. Perfect for the preparation of paintwork.

£25.39 + VAT
Clay Mitt (Micro-Fibre) – Medium Grade

This easy-glide clay mitt will remove any bonded contaminants such as dirt and tar. 


Re-useable, and lasts a lot longer than clay bars.

£24.33 + VAT
Farecla Finishing Cloths (Box of 3)

Farecla finishing cloths engineered with microfibre technology are ideal for cleaning glass with chemicals.

£11.84 + VAT
SPONGE – Polishing (Deluxe)

Medium to soft polishing sponge for compounding and polishing softer paint finishes.

£2.39 + VAT
Waffle Cloth

A highly absorbent, quick-drying cloth which is perfect for quickly drying the surface of a vehicle. Use on damp surfaces.


Ideal for bodywork and glass

£9.49 + VAT