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Professional synthetic perforated chamois. Glides across paintwork with no ‘chamois drag’.

£6.31 + VAT

A top quality, soft and flexible silicone blade with T-shaped edge to rapidly whisk away surplus water without scratching.


The flexi-blade moulds to almost any contour to dry vehicle surfaces in half the time.

£13.25 + VAT

Super Absorbent Car Cloth That Washes, Dries and Cleans Just Like Leather



Machine Washable

Dimensions: 46 x 44 cm

£7.95 + VAT

Removes stubborn stains from nearly all surfaces. 


No need for chemicals… use with water for cleaning or can be used dry for dusting.

£4.63 + VAT

Microfibre cloth, absorbs excess moisture from vehicle bodywork, leaving a dry shiny surface behind. To be used on damp surfaces.

£10.59 + VAT

These robust yet super soft cloths help remove wax residue, fingermarks and scratch marks from vehicle bodywork.


Affords a good degree of bite, which makes them ideal for lifting interior dust and grime, and for tackling tougher exterior tasks such as buffing product residues off of wheels, engine bays and door shuts.

£51.94 + VAT

This premium- quality micro-fibre cloth is chosen by professionals due to the ‘show room’ finish it gives to any surface.


Available in red or blue, and either as a single item or a value pack of 10.

£2.36£21.19 + VAT

Professional synthetic perforated chamois


Combines the best properties of a real chamois with the convenience and ease of use of an ordinary car cloth.

£6.32 + VAT

Large vehicle sponge – perfect for washing your car, van or even caravan!

£1.05 + VAT

Medium to soft polishing sponge for compounding and polishing softer paint finishes.

£2.39 + VAT

Extra large vehicle sponge – perfect for washing your car, van or even caravan!

£1.17 + VAT

Giant vehicle sponge covered with an abrasive fabric.


It is specifically designed to remove bugs, tar and other stubborn deposits on vehicle windscreens and bonnets.

£2.64 + VAT