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AQUA SHIFTA™ – Super Absorbant Synthetic, Perforated Leather

Professional synthetic perforated chamois. Glides across paintwork with no ‘chamois drag’.

£6.31 + VAT
AUTO-GEL™ (Car Shampoo)

AUTO-GEL™ is a neutral car shampoo detergent formulated to dissolve oil & tar deposits.


Ideal for use as a general vehicle shampoo in hand car washes

£3.13£43.71 + VAT

This is a general-purpose vehicle shampoo formulated specifically for use in automated roll-over or brush-wash systems.

£8.75£890.15 + VAT
Car Wash Bay Cleaner

This is a concentrated cleaning product formulated to quickly remove stubborn stains and grime.


Effective against:


Wax Deposits

Calcium Scale


General Grime

£42.06 + VAT
CLEAN ‘N’ GLEAM (Wash ‘n’ Wax)

Our best-selling, highly concentrated wash ‘n’ wax.


Formulated to clean the surface of any vehicle whilst imparting a clean, deep shine to the vehicle’s paintwork.

£1.73£261.27 + VAT
Cold Wax (Gloss & Drying Agent)

This product is an excellent drying agent and will assist in giving a deep, gloss shine to vehicle paintwork.

£3.71£31.76 + VAT
CRYSTAL CLEAR™ (Screenwash De-Icer Concentrate)

CRYSTAL CLEAR™ is our trade-standard Screen-Wash concentrate with the additional benefit of a powerful De-Icer additive.

£12.66£284.74 + VAT
CRYSTAL™ – Screenwash Concentrate

CRYSTAL™ is a screenwash additive which is a super-concentrated formula powerful enough for the toughest bugs, dirt & road grime.

£11.08£228.65 + VAT
DUO™ (Premium Car Shampoo + Wax)

DUO™ is a neutral premium car washing detergent formulated to dissolve oil & tar deposits.


Contains an added wax which will assist in giving a deep, gloss shine to vehicle paintwork.

£1.92£271.58 + VAT
Flexi-Blade – Hydra

A top quality, soft and flexible silicone blade with T-shaped edge to rapidly whisk away surplus water without scratching.


The flexi-blade moulds to almost any contour to dry vehicle surfaces in half the time.

£13.25 + VAT
FLUNKEY Synthetic Wash Leather (46 x 44cm)

Super Absorbent Car Cloth That Washes, Dries and Cleans Just Like Leather



Machine Washable

Dimensions: 46 x 44 cm

£7.95 + VAT
FLY-OFF™ (Bug Cleaner)

A powerful protein breaker designed specifically to dissolve insect debris from the nose and windscreen of any vehicle.




Dilute before use.

£5.83£364.94 + VAT