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ALI-MAX™ (Wheel Acid)

Hydrochloric-based wheel cleaner. 


Formulated for the removal of thick deposits of brake dust residue and heavy traffic film.

£3.88£381.35 + VAT
ALI™ (Wheel Acid)

A strong, acid-based wheel cleaner.

£12.04£270.69 + VAT
AUTO-FRESH (Interior Air Freshener)

Concentrated interior air fresheners for carpets and fabric upholstery. Leaves fresh, long lasting fragrance designed to combat unpleasant odours.


Available in Various Fragrances; Sweet Pea, New Car, Bubble Gum, Water Melon, Cool Wave, Leather, Paradise, Strawberry & Wild Cherry.

£9.01£96.24 + VAT
AUTO-GEL™ (Car Shampoo)

AUTO-GEL™ is a neutral car shampoo detergent formulated to dissolve oil & tar deposits.


Ideal for use as a general vehicle shampoo in hand car washes

£3.13£43.71 + VAT
AWA™ (Advanced Wheel Acid)

AWA is a super concentrated alloy wheel cleaner, formulated for the rapid removal of oxidisation and mild corrosion from aluminium & aluminium alloy.

£3.52£297.65 + VAT
BIO-NIC™ – Enzyme Cleaner

BIO-Nic™ is a specialist biological cleaner and deodoriser.

£8.75£89.64 + VAT
BLACK MAGIC™ (Rubber & Plastic Dressing)

An extremely high-quality, superior, solvent free treatment which protects and enhances all vinyl & plastic surfaces


Ideal for dashboards and interior plastic surfaces of new/nearly new cars.

£3.78£2,136.96 + VAT

For the safe and effective removal of brake dust/fluid oil & grease from brake discs/callipers and clutch components. 


Brake & Clutch Cleaner is designed to evaporate completely after use. 


This product is available in aerosol and a range of liquid container sizes.

£3.05£63.54 + VAT

This is a general-purpose vehicle shampoo formulated specifically for use in automated roll-over or brush-wash systems.

£8.75£890.15 + VAT
Car Wash Bay Cleaner

This is a concentrated cleaning product formulated to quickly remove stubborn stains and grime.


Effective against:


Wax Deposits

Calcium Scale


General Grime

£42.06 + VAT
Cellulose Thinners

Ideal for mixing paints and primers and for cleaning brushes and removing any excess paint.

£13.65£51.16 + VAT
CLEAN ‘N’ GLEAM (Wash ‘n’ Wax)

Our best-selling, highly concentrated wash ‘n’ wax.


Formulated to clean the surface of any vehicle whilst imparting a clean, deep shine to the vehicle’s paintwork.

£1.73£261.27 + VAT