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Dustpan and Brush

Soft and stiff bristle dustpan and brush allows easy sweeping.


The brush fits perfectly into the dustpan, which allows convenient storage.

£4.05 + VAT
EXEL REVOLUTION Traditional Clip-On Mop Head – 250g

Exel Revolution mops have been designed to enable thorough and efficient cleaning with a durability you can rely on for a busy workplace

£5.29 + VAT

This premium- quality micro-fibre cloth is chosen by professionals due to the ‘show room’ finish it gives to any surface.


Available in red or blue, and either as a single item or a value pack of 10.

£2.36£21.19 + VAT
Standard EXEL Traditional Clip-On Mop Head – 200g

Exel mop head made for general mop use, without compromising on quality.

£4.23 + VAT
Vikan – Upholstery Brushes – Soft/stiff – 38904

Slimline Vikan brushes – available with soft or stiff bristles. 


The stiff bristled multi-purpose brush has stiff angled bristles to facilitate scrubbing tables, workshop benches, conveyor belts, chopping boards, buckets, large scaled bowls and equipment where it is necessary to reach into corners.


The soft-bristled multi-purpose brush is better suited for more delicate cleaning applications, such as brushing fabric on furniture, carpets, curtains, vehicle seats and other upholstery.


Vikan Product Code: 38904

£8.90 + VAT